Monday, June 20, 2011

Stevie G's A Leader, He'd Be The First To Smell Pussy, Especially Rotten Ones.

This is old. I know. But I just hate Liverpool and of course the hatred could surge anytime it wants to fucken be. Even at 5.03 in the morning. Gerrad is a leader eh ? Yeah my ass. He was a leader who held his oh so beloved club at a ransom. Handing transfer request to move to Chelsea in Maurinho heydays at Stamford Bridge.

Leader my ass. So for every fingers pointed to Old Trafford in the direction of Rooney's saga is like a slap on your own stupid Scousers' face.

So before memory fades.. Let me just remind your stupid selves how much of cun- a leader he is. Don't thank me. I don't deserve such credit, for genius-ness is an everyday thing to me.

Gerrad, the cun-, leader I mean. (1)

Gerrad, the cun-, leader I mean. (2)

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