Monday, August 08, 2011

The 'Masukkan Entry' Post

Semenjak dua menjak tiga menjak ni. Malas gila nak masukkan entry. OK I'm actually stopping to ponder the phrase 'masukkan entry' as I'm typing. The redundancy of the irony. Masukkan entry. Well, skut that. I mean scrap that. Was looking for a word and ended up founding a fart instead.

So yeah, lately sangat la malas nak erm, 'masukkan entry' therefore, in the Malaysian spirit of 'goreng' time jawab soalan subjektif. This, the repetitive, redundant words & phrases shall I think, be the equivalent of an entry. To quench the thirst of the ever-loyal fans/stalkers/tits for the glimpses of genius residing behind the temple of my intellectually panoramic (read: large) forehead.

& oh we shut the trap up off our noisy neighbors whose greatest achievement, as they perceive, is eclipsing United's achievement - without bothering to actually inventing their own.

So here's the CommUnited Shield win for you fucken' Bitters out there.

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