Wednesday, September 12, 2012

"Its NOT A Gift Its A Miwworrrr!"

This is just too darn darn darn adorable. If I had a daughter I imagine her to be something (err.. something ?) like this.

The 2-year old toddler Leah, had apparently broken a pact she had with her father about not revealing the mirror gift they had come up with together. The idea was she's gonna keep the "miwworr" a secret from Mom until Mothers' Day arrives. Leah, being a child she is had apparently been anxious to tell Mommy. So she came up with a strategy of her own, killing two birds with one stone;

she was going to tell Mom about the miwworr and hide it back. How smart. Why haven't I thought of that ?!

Excerpts from the most adorable Mommy-Daughter conversation (some that I could catch due to Leah's perfect perfect pronunciation)

Mom: You're gonna show me what ?
Leah: *adorable inaudible*

Mom: *chuckles*
Leah: Here it issss! See ?

Mom: What's that ?
Leah: Its a present miwworr!

Mom: From whatttt ?
Leah: From you! (LOL)

Mom: Who made it ?
Leah: I did. I made this all FOR YOU!

Mom: Leahhhh, thank you! Is it for my Mothers' Day gift ?
Leah: No, its not a gift its a MIWWORRR (LOL I laughed so hard during this part)

This made a bit teary. Who the hell cuts onions during the night ? Sheesh!

Lovely lovely conversation between the girls. I'm sure they're both gonna cherish this moment they shared together as they grew older.

Should really capture loads and loads of photos and videos of my little ones for this kind of moment of brilliance :)

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