Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Too Much Time In Your Hands

What twat of a Gameweek. All my gambles fumbled. And fumbled pretty badly. Remember how I was foaming my mouth on how I wanna incorporate Hazard and retain Kagawa in the same team ? And remember how I was religiously preaching about how the smart guys always hold on to things that they seem to think will violate their intellectual beliefs, if they were to let go of those stuffs ?

I did just that.

I held on to Kagawa in false hope that Hazard will perform BAU (business as usual) and in the process I had to sacrifice the prolific Demba Ba and Ashley Cole.

This is how thing went the down. All the way fuck down.

Cashley Cole > Jenkinson - Cost: 0 | Return: 2 (+2)

Demba Ba > Sammy Amoebi - Cost: 4 | Return: 0 (-4)

McAnuff > Hazard - Cost:4 | Return: 3(-1)

And to top off a wonderful weekend, Ba scored 2 goals (acquiring 9 points in the process and tak masuk bonus lagi) and Cashley managed a clean shit (acquiring 8). That's a total of 17 had I not make those transfer. That's 17 + 5.

A total of 22 points lost due to my 'insightful' transfer policy. Chewah, transfer policy!

But this game is like surfing la bang, sometimes you went out and met a lot of waves unscathed, you go home feeling like champion. And other days you go home what the fuck happened, was I born a loser ?

If you're too twatted-up to make a decision, then all the fucks are on you. On the other hand, what I learn is, what I really really learn, is that throughout the course of the season some Gameweeks are gonna suck so bad you're gonna think there's something wrong with earth's gravity (sorry, just had to do it, the cheesy similes, else I wouldn't feel complete. lol). But if you hold on to a pretty much the same set of players, you're gonna see that these players DO accumulate points. Sure, there will be Gameweek where Ben Arfa scored 2 and streaks of when all Ba did was score 2 (damnit Ba!) but throughout the season, when the points have accumulated, I was tapping my temple last season, why the hell did I let go some of these top top players.

Thus, arriving to the learning curve, OK I forgot what I was gonna say. Happens a lot when you're typing on a whim. But, hold on to these players, Future Me, listen, hold on to them. Quick wins are alrighttttttt and sweettttttttt of course, but if one were to look at it from a bigger picture, you'll see that if you don't transfer around that much (thus costing you 8 points in the process EVERY.FUCKEN.TIME) - these players do score. And quite amazingly - when the dust settles.

So screw you.

Author's Note: Of course, coupled with the fact that Ferguson's rotation system proves just too risky for Fantasy Managers to incorporate United players in their team. RvP was a captain who were drawn upon for the final 20 minutes, how much could he do anyway. Kagawa didn't even play. So there you have it.

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