Friday, October 26, 2012

"Ajax Wipe The Floor With City"

 photo 414a49c799bdcb4c41fa2d617269121c_zpsba146022.jpg

What a nice fuckin sound to it. It doesn't get old that. "Ajax Wipe The Floor With City". I'm a fucken dumbo for not capturing the screen of the headline yesterday. Knowing fully well of headline rotation at ESPN Soccernet. Anyhoo, an Ajax fans' version of The Poznan (which btw wasn't City's to begin with, apparently there's a reason they called it THE Poznan, you fuckin cunts!) mocking these sad, pathetic plastics of fans will do. I mean, any fuckin Poznan other than those fuckards' disgrace of a club is always welcome. 

A club with NO history whatsoever, even their best celebration is the one copied from others.

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