Saturday, October 06, 2012

Next Gameweek's Gameplan

I wanna do this.

At the backdrop of this;

Williams or any players from Swansea have been nothing but liability ever since the departure of Rodgers to Liver fucken Stool. Thus, if not for the "The moment your urges tell you to do something is the moment you hold back from anything your urges tell you to do - for a while" advice I keep passing around and telling myself, I would have sell both Williams and Michu right fucken away. Michu has been yellow card happy for I dunno how many weeks already. And maybe selling them would be the right fucken choice too, considering that prices do drop and of course, rise. Hrm.

Sabar. Sabar. At least let the current Gameweek finishes.

p/s: And maybe I should consider throwing a cheap keeper as well for what good is a pricey substitute keeper, rarely, very rarely am I gonna use them, unlike defenders.

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