Wednesday, October 10, 2012

On Wayne Rooney & The King of Old Trafford

Wayne Mark Rooney is a hard man to for you to feel about. Not making much sense ? Yeah, perhaps. But tell me what should I feel about a man who put United on a ransom and treating the club I love so disdainfully yet orchestrates the play so vitally in the dying moments of United recent lost to Spurs. Part of me wants to forgive him. The other part of me - He's just another player who happens to play for United.

Then on he goes on about this;

“I hope it is time for me to show I am a senior player and that I can lead the team.”

“I understand the scrutiny I'm under and I have no problems with that.”

“Hopefully in the near future we will be coming out of a tournament and you will all be praising me because we have won a trophy. That would be great for everyone.”

“It's especially important now, when we have a lot of young players in the squad. I always try to speak to them and offer advice.”

“I always remember what Sir Alex Ferguson says about how Eric Cantona was such a big help to the younger players at United.”

“It is something I can look at and try do for England, to try to help them. Hopefully I can bring the best out of them and they can bring the best out of me as well.”;

about how he would love to be the next Eric Cantona. ERIC FUCKEN CANTONA. I can't help but feel validated, that, parts of me are whispering how he loves United so much that wants to be like the Last King of Old Trafford. I wanna believe that he's changed. That he's no longer the Scouse cunt who wanted out so badly - and worse even, to talk to Manchester Shitteh. Manchester fucken Shitteh.

"I see no wrong in him aspiring to be Cantona. In fact I find it flattering that he inspires to be like Old Traffords' Emperor. Makes me, a United fan feel validated. I was one of those who thought I'd never forgive him for putting United on a ransom and wanted him out no matter what. But now am starting to see why Fergie insisted on holding on to a player like him. How important a figure he was in changing a lackluster United side to a sheer dominating force against Spurs (albeit unluckily, we lost the game)

Keep working hard Roon, who knows maybe one day all would be forgiven and you could sit in the pantheons of United's history."

My thoughts, on I want to visit Old Trafford one day to see United play, a United Facebook fanpage.