Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Happy Birthday Sayang!

 photo a456d3de6d02b114a224c22b3daae633_zpsca313ce7.jpg

Remember in those dreams we share
In our darkest hours, we swear..

That we shall never forget the Where
Just because the From is so hard to bear

Nobody promised thee that it'll be easy
But thou smile with thy pain so evidently

In time and place where weakness is understandable;
How'd you draw such strength is nothing short of incredible =)

You are neither my joy, my pain nor my everything. Make no mistake
You're simply the joy of my pain & simply the every breath that I take

I love you not because of your sweet starts
But those fights to the bitter end is how you beat the hearts.

There I go again with this mouth-diarrhea
When all I wanted to say was a simple Happiest Birthday to ya!

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