Tuesday, December 11, 2012


God, I'm such a slow slow starter. I'm still savouring, and as a matter of fact, savouring it more and more with each passing day ever since that match. THAT win.

Tevez proving the cunt he is.

The win has got all the flavours a United fan could ask for. Beating the fucklots at their home. Tevez coming in and was initially thought a saviour only to eventually concede a freekick that prove to be the decisive moment for the derby match.

Also him coming in and quickly getting into the thick of things and acting in a direct proportion with the ugly prick he is, as quickly; kicking Jones, getting involved in heated face-offs and running like a headless chicken, as if winning could come with brawns alone.

And most fucken importantly United being United, leaving it late, coming back from behind and in the process got.. Can I get a drum roll here please ?


You thought that for second, didn't you ? Didn't you ? Muahahahahahaha.

Almost had you didn't we ? Wargh kargh kargh kargh kargh kargh

That right there, the moment when you had them in the clouds, only to snatch it away soooo late the game. That is the juice. Platinum gold right there.

Stupid fucken Ciddeh fans thinking that they could, within the smelly feet distance, sniff an unprecedented win, peg us one back right under our noses - or to the least - a draw - and that was of course until Robin Van Perfect hit it home. Thanks to Ciddeh's pathetic chief antagonist-somehow-pathetically-turned-saviour, Lord Ugly Tevez tripped Rafael's leg just outside the penalty box and gave United a freekick deep into the injury time.

Another classic example why its not hard to hate these fuckers. Ciddeh, producing degenerates since inception.

"If RvP was to be asked where would he prefer to take his spot kick from, that couldn't have been to far" was the commentator's remark prior RvP's goal. And so it was, in what was to be one of the sweetest victory over our noisy noisy neighbours. 

And of course, how could have I commit such travesty and omit this.

Ciddeh was unbeaten on the Etihad ground over 38 games prior to the match. Pretty impressive stuff, I initially thought to myself, until the commentator added "stretched over 2 years" - pooffffffffffff - what the fuck - that was so funny, I almost peed myself. A Ciddeh fan listening to that must've been wondering what did he do wrong to deserve such condescending under-mine. Wakakakakakak. Even a neutral commentator feels fitting to take a dig at Ciddeh - albeit accidentally on his part.

A cunt fans getting into a tussle with the stewards and policemen. What better way to bent your frustration than to a totally unrelated parties, right ?

United. Demolishing Ciddeh's hope since 2010.


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