Friday, December 12, 2014

Hi. Hello. Thank You. Goodbye.

For the man that I am.

10 years ago I was that stupid kid. Grumpy of being told to come to the interview for Malaysia Airports. Thinking that I know what I want in life. Why would I need to come work for this company ? I've got the dream job of being an errand boy in my cousin's run of the mill company.

Little that I know that I would fall in love.

And that I would fall in love bad.

And that's just the charm that Malaysia Airports brings. You grumble, complain, poke fun but when the organization should come under fire you know that you'll be the first to run to its defense.

But I digress. A thousand words couldn't describe how I feel about this company. So I'll just sum everything up in two - THANK YOU.

For everything. Every thing.

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