Thursday, January 29, 2015

My Guilty Pleasure

I should really stop this bad habit of arguing on the internet. Its so childish and petty its embarrassing. On top of that Facebook have this setting that might as well just yell out loud what colour of panties you're wearing (not that am wearing any, mind you). The setting which allows just about the whole world to fucking know what the fuck are you losing your mind over.

Case in point where there was this dumb orang puteh twat who apparently doesn't have the mental capacity to grasp the simple concept of sarcasm came and attack me on my own timeline. lol. I mean seriously dude what the fuck. Grow the fuck up. Well I was planning to share what the so called 'insult' was - but it makes me blush to even say it out loud. Lets just say that Aisyah, my niece could have insulted me better.

But more to the point, STOP ARGUING OVER THE INTERNET saiko!!! Because your FRIENDS know. Everybody DOES!!!!

And mostly because - and I quote "arguing over the internet is like paralympic, even if you win you're still retarded". 

Shit. That was unnecessarily mean but truth all the same.

But again, I'm only human and I like to live dangerously. Just like I'd like to resume my morning nap while the clock hits 7.45 a.m on weekdays, my blood just boils over these supposedly unnecessary gibberish.

So. My advise would be.

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