Monday, April 27, 2015

On Hold

Project Workout has to be put on hold for a bit coz I think I may have injured myself. If experience has taught me anything in the past, rushing things out, pushing yourself when you're supposed to let nature take its course and let it heal will almost always bring about negative consequences. 

Back then when I was chasing my 'ideal' weight I will always push through the pain, you thought you were being persistent when you're just being an idiot. It always ended up in a extended, prolonged duration of hiatus. Totally unnecessary if I would have just listened to what my body was telling me.

Today my body is telling me that there's a stabbing pain whenever I climb down the stairs (just weird its not climbing up), so I will listen to it. But not too long please.

Now I have to reshuffle my schedule to negotiate my way past this injury. Two more workout sessions pending in April Week 4.

Sighs. Rainy days. Lazy days. 

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