Thursday, September 10, 2015

Assessment Time!

Everybody say Hi to Nico. She's a fat fat lard just like her owner!

I am not exactly giddy about the result. I skipped two workout sessions yesterday and the day before due to the strain caused by yoga (yes ladies and gentlemen I did yoga for the first time ever, more on that later), so that might have played a hand.

Just for recording's sake, I need to pin this down somewhere. 

Project: Atkins For A Week
Target: To reduce to at LEAST 67 kilogram
Duration: 7 days
Initial Weight: 72.8 kilogram
Result: 69 kilogram
Would you do it again in the future ? : I dunno
Was a success / failure : It pretty much feels like a failure.
Cause of success / failure : Lack of knowledge and proper planning on the dietary 

I might have unknowingly cheated my way through with all the tofus, burgers and hotdogs that I have been having this past one week due to my lack of knowledge of this dieting regime. So that too might have played a hand. I've grown to hate ayam bakar, its pretty funny this used to be one of my favourite thing in the world, chicken, yet you grow tired of it pretty quickly after having to basically force those white meat in your mouth with the support of plain water. Maybe the way I roast it. Coke Zero had been a huge friend in times of dire need. I finished two bottles of 1.5 L Coke Zero in a matter of 2 or 3 days. Hrm. What else.

Oh yes. Last but not least. I fucking hate every minute of it!

p/s: Now that I've finished rasa sayang pulak nak start consuming those treacherous carbs! Haih.

p/s/s: I hereby end the doomed Project Workout tag. A fucking unnecessary project that causes unnecessary stress. (read: failure to finish again. Story of someone else's life! :P)

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