Monday, September 07, 2015

Manchester United

I fear for my team. We the fans are so used to being successful we don't know how to react in times of losses. After all those years of mocking Liverpool fans about living in the past, United fans are turning exactly like them. The self-entitlements, the expectation that the team will compete at the very top year in year out.

We pride ourselves of our patience in dealing with players and managers, yet we are not willing to give two seasons to a world renowned manager like Van Gaal. I'm guilty of this as well I guess. His styles or 'philosophy' as he put it at most times are cringe worthy. Very hard to watch. But if I am a man who knows what I'm capable of and a genius at that. I would love to be left alone to do my thing. I believe Van Gaal will succeed given the time and patience that he deserves. (but hey who am I kidding right, I'm also the guy who supported Moyes through and through without much thought given apart from pure loyalty and that didn't end so well) 

I just hope that the United hierarchy has as much patience because the fans clearly don't.

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