Saturday, September 13, 2008

Thanx, Ar.Az.

A flower so pretty trapped behind the broken vase
Driven miles just for an inch stretch of smile on my face

We both walked the same path leading to 2 different directions
How u turn my path of calamity into a Lavender's Garden -
Thats way way beyond my Exalted, but flawed Comprehension.

Thanx for the long enough embrace to accept me
Through the thicks of the midst and the thins of the wars that I flee.

And for allowing me to cry - When I do
The deliriousness of the murmus that I spew

There u were, braving a smile despite your own heavy baggages
At the sight of me struggling upon my wounds & bandages

And for that, I couldnt thank you enough, and for this..
A thank you would sound more exaggerating rather than suffice.

Thanx Luv.

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