Monday, October 06, 2008

The Fucketh List.

Life shouldn't be treated as a checklist, I read somewhere. Well I see no wrongs in treating it as one especially when you're as unorganized as a 2 year old infant trying to fix his napkins. Err what was that ? Fuck it. So yea I was watching this movie the other day, there was these 2 dudes, both contracted Cancer, a little too late at their dim ages. Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman, 2 heavyweights reining at their careers.

So basically, they were both admitted to the same hospital, that Jack owns, well pardon my lack of memory span to recall his character's name. To cut the story short, after going through some roughs and thicks and thins, quite together in the same room, they both headed for a trip inspired by Freeman's list of things he's always wanted to do his whole life, the so called Bucket List.

So I figure that I too should have one. Ok nanti sambung. Malas dah datang..

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