Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Cameron Highlands - 3 Years After.


I think I'll just show this to my boss and tell her I was sick. Damn right shes gonna buy that. Why not.

Just got back from a 2, 3, ah fuck it. I lost the count, I don't even know whether its qualified as a holiday. As it was way way too ad hoc and unplanned. Granted with the fact that some of the most spontaneous creatures God has ever made to walk on the face of His earth, guess appeared. Corporately speaking, a total recipe for disaster. Just the way I like it.

But there I was, demam on my way to Cameron Highland. No, even before that. But I've never really been the type that stop and wonder when I go demam or whatever. I ride it out. So its normal when my demam extends as long as, almost 2 weeks. They went out to look for stuffs we could Babi-Q the living daylight out of it, I tag along. They went out to look for towels, sweaters and some sarongs (indicating the clumsy-ad-hoc-ness of the trip), there I was too, braving the rain despite the alarming heat that engulfs by body. My cuz went out for a schmoke. There I was too wondering which schmoke is my cig's schmoke and which one is the damp air's evaporation as my cig's schmoke never seems to finish despite the short puffs. lol.

I am but a puny slave, nonetheless. I succumb to the fever and laid to rest, for a temporal moment, you morons, the hell you thinking. And finally having had to admit defeat as I was laying down with a skull cap on my head and layan cerita cina kat TV2 where my favourite Cecilia Cheung adorably moves about the screen, making me laugh and fall in love with her for almost everytime she pulls a prank or act up.

Lagi ? Malas. Bye.

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