Thursday, December 18, 2008

"For The Hardest Thing Is Not To Learn, But To Unlearn.."

Staring at the screen at these late hours
When all thoughts labored towards the memory of US.

Every puff of smokes rekindles the heat of every tale-
..we shared, every sound, every emotion and every cruise we sailed.

How do I live off all the streets that I used to walk with u ?
Do I forget their names ? Shall I disregard where they lead to ?

Or should I start with the songs we used to share ?
Trying hard to conceal the tears when and where -
.. the notes hit the lines we specifically spare.
Lyrics that we used to quote just to say that we care

Painfully smiling to the songs we used to dedicate to each other
Feeling under the knife every moments that we are, but over.

Forever shall my laughter be incomplete when;
Only your smiles that had me content.
Now I am but an empty void hollowed with a yearn
For the hardest thing is not to learn, but to unlearn..

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