Monday, December 29, 2008

Lets Blame The Night For Being Dark, Shall We ?

When someone spit on your Mother's name do you go all rational and democratic about it ? No, you don't. And fools, my religion is of farther importance than even my parents. So do I pat your back and console you out of your delusional accusations ? No, I pull a six-shooter up your candy ass, you stupid fuck.

Oh, am scaring you against my religion and caused you to become an Islamophobic ? No Imbeciles, you become it because of your own stupidity and lack of insight, which in the first place is nobody else's but your fuckin fault. But then again there's always people who hold such little worth to dignity, who would conviniently blame the night for being dark. And you are no different from those. And that pal, have I softened the tone.

We've tried the otherwise, we've tried cleaning up the closet off any skeletons but then again, we couldn't expect any better a treatment even after the skeletons be rid off the closet. You fall into a snake pit once in your life. And call yourself an idiot with a capital I, beyond once. That's even more so if you're a Muslim. Yea, us the extreme Muslims.

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