Saturday, January 03, 2009

Harga Sebuah Kedewasaan.


Hello Ladies.. and OK, lets cut to the chase and leave out any unnecessary preambles, shall we ?

We registered Zahir Dewasa a.k.a Chew-It* to his first ever secondary school yesterday. Of course, its his first, hes barely 13 yet, fuckers. So he's officially a secondary school laddie. Selamat bersekolah adik, and this is a whole new frontier, one that holds certain uncertainties. One that can be cruel at times but more importantly, one that you can smile upon its memories another 10 years to come.

I hope you'd walk its ground with your head held high and your chest strutted, no matter how dark the coming nights may seem. I hope you'll regard yourself with sky-high an esteem, despite what people'll tell you and what they want you to believe.

And of course, you will, having faced the knives ever since you were but in an infant. Such tenacity that'll raised 2 middle fingers to any one disapproval.

(Wargh kargh kargh. I'll shed some lights to this, another time, another occassions.) *

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