Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The 5.04 AM Post.
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Nota Kaki: Oh great. Esok got a whole bunch of stuffs to prepare for the meeting the day after tomorrow.

I cant schleep and tomorrow's work. So whats new. Fuck the question mark thus impregnate the shallow minds which shall subsequently gives birth to Curiosity.

I've missed Eminem. I bet the whole industry's missed him quite sorely. Love him or hate him, the man like Tupac, holds certain appeal to both his fans and naysayers. That said, the first single for his Relapse album, scheduled to drop on the head of May, might just draw criticisms that deserves criticism for the criticisms. I mean overall independent or mainstream reviews and comments have revolved around how Em is getting old, the issues that he plucked so to speak. But I read the SAME exact review back when Marshall Mathers LP was dropped and you didnt even have to guess that it went Multi-Platinum.

I mean Eminem is just who he is. I wouldn't like him if he didnt do what he did. Btw, Sarah Palin in the vid looks so droolsome.


Recently I've grown kinda fond of Lady Gaga. lol. Yea I think shes cute. But more than that. I think shes fuckin cool. (read: Pokerface vid). Yea that video has got me watching it over and over again studying her body language and gestures. Yes sir, no underhanded activity is going on here. Plain star struck moments which are quite easily the same with every container of soul.

I've always admired individuals who can maintain a pokerface despite feeling engulfed with fierce devouring fear. Been thinking about enrolling in public speaking class so that I'll make Obama's oratory skill so pale in comparison to mine that people thought he was white.

I think more or less I can at least maintain the state of my face, though I've never actually seen the playback of my conversation or heated debates in meeting rooms. While I can maintain the flickering presence of confidence to a certain extent, drowning perspiration has always betrayed the fragile front. Am a guy who naturally perspire quite effortlessly even when its not wanted. Quite befitting to say that it chose to appear when the time is not right.

Oh Well. Yea whatever. Besok MU, Arsenal. Both arch rivals from way back. Tho I suspect and hope that the match to be entertaining. Am telling you I could do without. Fuck entertainment so long as you win. Even if its half against a nil. Its still a fuckin' win.

P/S: Girls in office attire equals HAWTNESS. (read: Irma Hasmie) :|~ *drools*

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