Monday, May 04, 2009

The Just Arrived From One Hell of An Endurance Post.
Nota Kaki: Forget F U! Its MU.

I don't care if MU doesn't win the EPL next season but they will crush the Liverfools. Err correction, they have to beat the Fools and win the EPL at the same time.

And for those of you Idiots who think Giggsy doesn't deserve to win the PFA Player of The Year Award, you've just insulted the entire EPL players' intelligence. I mean its the players who voted for the Welsh Ironman.

Oh but then again, I would agree with you if you think that the players from the team you worship are nothing but a bunch of grass ass shallow pushovers. Yea, on just that. Not on the vote they casted for Giggsy. Thats quite intelligent for the likes of them you know.

Probably the only thing Intellectual they'd ever come across them in their whole entire shitty lives.

Wargh kargh kargh kargh kargh kargh.

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