Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Fucketh List Updated, Again.
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Aku dok sibuk godek packages to Redang or a few other islands along the shore which I utterly hate. The godek-ing part, not the pulau, mind you.

And I suddenly came to a realization - YOU WORK AT THE GODDAMNED AIRPORT, YE DIMWIT !!!1111

And airport authority at that. What the fuck. Maybe I should use some exhortations to squeeze the most spankfuckingly outrageous cheap package out of the Travel agents. Hrm.

The last time I went there, me and Shanaz we just terjah the hell out of everything and it wasn't peak season or anything. So there wasn't any need to pre-plan or anything. And we were so lucky that the package was quite reasonable, you know given the impulsive nature of the trip. 2 ferry trips (pergi balik), 4 meals, 1 snorkeling erm or 2 ? Tah. And a room with 2 beds for around RM 280 - 2 days. And if you were to stay longer, you get about the same price with a longer staying period, like a few dudes who later became our friends on the islands.

Oh and maybe its not Redang after all, I've been there once, so am looking at Lang Tengah as a prospect. So even if my family hadn't been there yet, Lang Tengah is technically still Redang, on the basis that its along the same shore with it. That'll do the trick I guess. lol.

The Fucketh List Updated.

1. Tioman dengan Shahnaz
2. Langkawi ngan Amin a few freak honchos.
3. Lang Tengah ?

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