Friday, November 20, 2009

Piss off, Bitch.

A love letter to Maybank Auto Finance branched in Kompleks PKNS Shah Alam. May you rest in Pieces - Not My Thoughts, obviously. Drench in your tears because rest assured - I will pursue this thing full swing.

"At approximately 2.10 p.m Friday 20th November 2009 I spoke to one of your staff from Kompleks PKNS branch who refuses to give her name all the way through my inquiries. I regret to say that if this kind of behavior is to prevail within your esteemed organization, I'm afraid that your customers' perception of your ongoing efforts will be in jeopardy.

What I was inquiring is my right as a customer who feels that he has been wronged by being overcharged without any credible justification or answers, but calling me names like 'Kurang ajar' and the likes of that indicates more serious signs that something is definitely wrong with your customer service system or that your staff simply lack manners.

Until the person in charge of that particular branch or the staff that I spoke to personally call, explain and apologize to me I will pay only the amount that I deem correct."

Mohd Fakhrolruzi Bin Ahmad
012 - 242 ____


Anonymous said...

how did it go then?

Raizzèn said...

The branch manager called and apologize to me personally. They never found out the culprit. Satisfactory.

And the manager was really nice about it, even SMSed me the the payable rate. lol

Anonymous said...

haha served them right! good on u!