Friday, June 25, 2010

Hello, Tis Frank Speaking.

This is Frank speaking. Who's there ? Well yea, frankly speaking I dont like the New Template too. Its too messy and unorganized for my likings. And I am so malas to clean it up. I expect a template that does the job on its own - a click away. So till I find a template that is able to furnish my, that request. I'll just shelve the idea for the moment. But of course from time to time I'll feel so gatal to get all experimental and violate my own blog's chastity.

On the other hand, well, it takes to two tangos. And my suggestive proposition and flirtations are well responded by her. Its rejoicing to know that all the fluid moves weren't actually a solitary tango. She was in rhythm and talem all along. Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes !

She actually know that I have someone to the point of knowing her profession. So what business that she has knowing what my used to be better half does for life ? Well of course :} :} :} :}

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