Saturday, June 26, 2010


Today, while waiting for Wan to get over with his endless registration procedures, I met an old friend whom I haven't met since 2001 - the year that we took our SPM, albeit not together like we were supposed to. I just couldn't hide the delight of seeing a face who I once shared the same pillows and the same dreams, so to speak. I hugged the dude. Well fret not coz it took me by the name Surprise too. But hey this is Godop afterall. He remains till this day one of the bestest friend I ever had the chance to have. So yeah..

We've both had our fair shares of dillies and dallies and I'm glad to say that even after all these years we could still laugh at the same corny jokes that used to tickle our bellies, back when we had the luxury to see the world with a little bit more enthusiastic optimism.


Ara said...

hey raizzen..thanx 4 visiting me.. :)

Raizzèn said...
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Raizzèn said...

Yeah, maybe I should bring some flowers next time. ;)