Sunday, June 06, 2010


God am so fuckin pissed I don't even know how to deliberate nonchalance. I'm shaking from anger. WHO THE FUCK YOU THINK YOU ARE ? You're Syapie Apdal's wife ? So what ? So what makes you so fuckin special god fuckin damnit ? Embrassed my mother like that, then having the audacity to ask her where she works ? She's a Nobody, you dumb bloody idiot. You on the other fuckin hand are a MINISTER'S WIFE, BODOH. Pukiamak kau.

I am so tinkering with going all the way - Opposition would love this don't they ? And NOT TO MENTION, Government's favorite hate pot. Fuckin read: Malaysia Today. Fine you wanna play the rough ball since I bet you husband's are from being one. Fine, lets go all the fuckin way. Lets fuckin go.

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