Sunday, November 14, 2010

Cold Souls

Just watched another movie and apparently there's a genre known as Dramatic Comedy. Well I tell you its so dramatically comedic that I was laughing my ass off once or twice in the space of around 2 hours. That funny.

Wasn't bad a movie but I was expecting a Will Ferrel-ish kind of comedy. But Paul Giamatti wasn't too bad either.

Woman character, talking, beautiful night showered by lights view, against the backdrop of George Washington Bridge.

: Its so nice to be here with you..

Paul *indifferent face*

: Lets go somewhere and have sex.

Hahahaha. The dude is just dry.

The whole dramatic comedic thinggy doesn't appeal much to me. But the idea, the concept of the movie itself isn't bad. In fact I find it pretty inspiring.

It was about a run-down actor, Paul Giamatti. But he's more of a stage actor if anything, so yea, he was having bad days at the office. Kept messing the dialogues up, fucking up everybody's rhythm.

He felt empty.

So to cut the story short, as with every adventure (and not to mention, cliche) a friend had to suggest something and how it was a huge success for one of his friends or relative.

Soul Storage.

The idea was to extract your soul, place it in a container. And from thereon its pretty much your choice. To develop a whole new soul of your own, get another soul - buy or rent it. The objective was to be happier, more purposeful in life. I find it rather intriguing. I mean to be able top extract your soul and get a look at it. That'd be damn. Right ?

And I forgot to mention that the extracted souls took various shape depending on how the person is. Paul's morphed into a chickpea-like substance. Wargh kargh kargh kargh kargh kargh kargh. No wonder he refused to eat his meal of you guessed it - chickpea salad!

Wargh kargh kargh kargh kargh.

Good movie nonetheless. Not really my cup of tea, but still good movie. I mean we all have a point in life where we start questioning our belief and where has it taken us. And we cannot escape the feeling of emptiness. The only difference should be the frequency of recurrence. Frequent enough, you too should start flipping your Yellow Pages and browse for Soul Storage.

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