Monday, November 01, 2010

I Love You, Adik.

Apart from the compulsory adoration between siblings. I have always admired how she could have faced through what she had to in most of her early years. Up until the fight she had to brawl she faced off to ensure a place in her master study.

Health wise, she was always so fragile. I remember she used to need to carry her inhaler everywhere and there was one time our father had to take her to a clinic where she needed to be assisted with her breathing.

I wondered sometimes, how something so frail natured withstand the batterings of life. Despite the obvious difference in strength she was always the one looking composed and know what to do when times are not so kind. Sometimes its just like she was meant to be the first born. And its a statement supported by the fact that people had always mistaken me as her younger brother. And trust me that is not one bit flattering.

That's why it is so gut wrenching to see her struggle for a mere word.

"Air.." (water)

She was thirsty. God. I couldn't help but break.

Nil orally. She wouldn't, for quite sometime be fed and neither that she can drink. Not through her mouth at least.

My sister had a crushing accident. 8 out of the 10 passengers who were inside the van broke their legs. A few of them unconscious. Some still thought they're still in Penang. Yan was the hardest hit as she was the one driving. She broke her mandible and was quickly transferred to Ipoh's Tuanku Bainun Hospital from Manjung district hospital.

I kissed her forehead for a long time since I can remember. And realized how much I love her.

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