Saturday, November 06, 2010

"Will You Have 5 Kids With Me ?"

Its the combination between The Prick and The Chivalrous that create the magic. Too much niceties will only elevate you as far as a chauffeur goes. Too much Pricks and you'll come across as arrogant. And not to mention, InSecure.

And so yeah, I miss you. And me being a prick is as stretched as my attempts at 'I miss You'. For this has been the only way to communicate to My Intended that she is the one.

Am sure Yan would understand. For I feel a bit wrong in delving in my little rants with emotional stuffs while she is bedridden braving her pain. Yes, I love you Adik. And am sure you would understand.

Oh and on that note, "Will you marry me ?" is getting old faster than the speed at which the light travels.

So I'm thinking - "Will you have 5 kids with me ?" instead.

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