Friday, December 10, 2010

Oh What A Feeling!

pic possibly related & the author might be feeling something like this.

Oh what a feeling. To be signing off from a damn fuckin hectic week. Not to mention signing off from the people who, I loath, just by a mere thought of. OK, those are the 6 most space consuming words of my life.

Why ruin a good weekend to come for the likes. OK. Another life shortening span of words. Enough.

I'm happy.

1. Training Course in Labuan 16-17 Dec.
2. Backpacking Up Yours The 24-29 Dec.

Oh what a feeling. :D

And this. I dedicate this to one of the fiercest rivalries in modern football. Lets toast it up for United & Arsenal. Both great teams with great histories. And 2 of the most respectable figures in English Premier League - Sir Alex Ferguson & Arsene Wenger.

Match is gonna happen Dec 13. I am not really optimistic about the fixture but excited nonetheless.

2-1 win for United. I hope. I sincerely hope. Pretty please ? :|

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