Saturday, March 05, 2011

I Dunno For Fucks

The defeat to Chelsea still hurts like hell. Not less because the manner in which it was inflicted. Referee having an extra say on which direction shall the game be shifted towards. A less than dubious penalty, failure to warrant any reds when it should and happily waving the exit to our Capitane, the rock-solid Vidic - and in turn causing him to miss such an important fixture at Anfield.

You name it. I feel like twisting a knife on his thigh for inflicting United such a heavy price we shouldn't have to pay in the first place.

Fuck you Martin Atkinson. Fuck you.

Just got up from quite a severe fever, luckily it wasn't as near to dengue as Mak would always point to in the face of us being struck by sudden fevers. I guess its the paranoia you live in when seeing your neighbours or your distant neighbours succumb to the pandemic.

A friend said that my fever was due to United losing at Stamford Bridge. I dunno whether I should be happy or sad. Happy for its like my fate is intertwined with United. Sad because, what else other than United losing at the hands of such a bitter rival in such demoralizing manner.

Fever within this period would also mean I turned 27 wrapped in blazing heat though not less were the celebrations that entail. Endless calls, show ups and treats were received. And from the bottom of my heart thank you.

And Her. She doubled the surprise by first showing up (literally) at my doorstep with a gift - albeit with a little clatters between her lower and upper jaws' teeth, worried of improper timing and my parents' reception. Second with a card & a jar of chocolate. =)

In all my thankfulness, United winning at Stamford Bridge was my biggest wish but I guess that's just too much to ask for after a somewhat perfect 27th birthday. Thenceforth the Premier League run is split wide open again for Arsenal to grab their momentums and take it from here, and off us. =(

God am I worried like hell.

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