Monday, March 07, 2011

I Dunno For Fucks, Seriously.

Another unbearable defeat. Its anyone, ANY FUCKIN' ONE but The Dippers. I dunno how I'm still cool enough not to lose my head and blog this shit up. I guess me being the unrealistically optimistic being I am - I dunno how the hell did I see them, but I alas, I do - some positives to be taken from the game that lots of so called 'die-hard' United fans are quick to point at how lazy and couldn't give a shit the players on the pitch today.

On the contrary I saw lots of passion, lots of fighting spirit from the lads and I am proud. The future is bright. If you look at how Chicarito never gave up trying to find space and how Rafael reacted in the face Kuyt and Skrtel cunts hovering over his vertically-challenged stature - I can take comfort in that. Lots of these players aren't even 22 yet.

I dunno how the fuck am I still able to smile at this.

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