Friday, August 26, 2011



I wrote a few sentences. Albeit, controlled, suppressed. Just the way I don't like 'em. So here goes. A rewritten piece. 'Naked, vulnerable and..' OK you find that other word to complete the usual three-rule.

I loved every single thing about the movie. The fact that Will Ferrell act as the voice behind Megamind. The incredibly sexy, talented Tina Fey. And that oh-so charming smug smuck off arrogance from the City's saviour himself, played by Brad Pitt.

I've lost count actually, how many times have I wandered along the stretch of imaginary realm. Lost in child like fantasy - watching this movie. Over and over and over again. I can practically chuck out line after lines from this movie. Well, at least for the first 10-20 minutes. The extend of how quite an all-time favourited this movie is to me.

The point I'm arriving after much dilly dallying to is - I can relate. I can relate with Megamind on so many levels emotionally. Being the outcast, the least wanted pestilent creature. 'The screw-up, the black sheep, the bad boy' where 'fitting in wasn't really an option.'

While not exactly an outcast, I've always felt solitary, even in numbers I tend to go to that quiet corner of my mind and having a long, long conversation with myself.

Megamind wasn't half as bad as he tried so hard to potray, he was a child at heart, never really grew up while still having that one lifelong, unfulfilled desire to be accepted and validated as a member of the society. He was a genius. And often in the case of geniuses - we're the victim of our own intellect, misunderstood. Outcasted. For people grew paranoid of people who doesn't stick to the rules of norm.

He was deprived of home in his formative years. Where to be accepted was to be outcasted in itself. High security cell prison.

If anything, he viewed his arch nemesis, one Metroman as a friend more than anything he ever blurted out in public. For the only company he has is Minion.

I actually dunno where I'm going with this. So I'll end it here and I might edit it later.

Might not.

Megamind's awesome is all.

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