Thursday, September 08, 2011

Rooting For Maggie

There's a book / rhyme book coming out, around the corner. The outrage it causes.. But wait. This is me blogging up in office hours. Yes blame the technical guys for failing me, for failing to fix the bug in my Lotus Notes email application. And special mention goes to the guys who walk in the corridors of power at our Corporate Office for the unnecessary burden that I have to shoulder, all for their own perverted idealism.

You sit high on your pretty horses while I work my ass off trying to paint the picture of your 'idealism'. Why do I have to bear the brunt of your gloriously misinformed stupid attempt on trying to right the wrong, when all you're doing is wronging it even more.

OK.. I digress.

Rooting for Maggie. Balik nanti sambung. Boo!

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