Friday, October 07, 2011

These Are Melancholic Deis.
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Its that time of the month for me I guess these past couple of days. Got in a fight with a friend I cared about dearly. I shouldn't be pissed. Yes, am telling myself this now. And in the face of being shut off, my vein is so quick to pop. The audacity. To get pissed when it was me, in the first place who was throwing tantrums - when all she did was trying to reason.

Ergh. Apologies are cheap. The price of its rejection is the one hefty. So try to pay your dues before talking from your, erm, MY high horse.

This has been a slow, slow week and these have been some very very melancholic days for me. Yes, yes, the gayness of being sad about getting into a fight with a close friend, but its not just that. This week, my mind has been traveling far and wide to the realm of memories. Knocking and opening the doors I chose to leave shut. Sometimes, it feels like am just tad at the edge of tears. Sighs. So what I did was puff puff.

You probably don't understand this don't you, hunny ? Good.

Because that was my intention in the first place.

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