Monday, January 16, 2012

By No Means A Misdemeanor

I'm all out of expression, pfft, the audacity! Not to mention the Irony..
Coz if 'I love u' should be a crime - I'd happily commit a felony!

Flap ur wings, take flight & fly high I hope u'll grow from strength to strength
Leave d' naysayers picking their jaws, shed ur skin - time to go out with a bang!

I know too often than not I don't talk straight, but this, straight from the heart
Its ur smile I wanna see when the sun's bright & its ur tears I'm gonna wipe when times're hard

"According to the laws of physics, a bee can't fly, the weight of the bee, the surface area of it's wings and the power available from it's flight muscles, put them all into an equation, it comes up short and the bee shouldn't be able to fly.."

Take Off, Take Flight. Selamat Bekerja.

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