Thursday, February 23, 2012

I Love You.

"Come listen to my truest thoughts, my truest feelings.."
Beyond years of hiding these emotions I'm concealing

We were 17 when you saw a new kid in the school without a friend
In between clatters, you asked "What does this word meant ?"

Times may have changed us into a grown woman & man
But I'm still pretty much the boy who felt in love with U then

Sure he may be irrational & mean, no apologies, that's just who Fakhrol is
But if a lifetime isn't too long, to love U to my last seconds is what I promise!

& if loving U is a mistake Life doesn't want me to forget
Then let me spend it trading fists with Regrets!

In U my heart's found a home, urm, this is perilous..
Because U hold the ONLY key to my happiness!

Just remember no matter how dark the night gets, how heartless he may be
I hope she won't forget in my heart is where Thee will always be.

In solitary, I finally figure out the equation of US - Its U plus I
Nurul's the Straw to my Berry, Haqmar's the Apple of my Eye

I can't move your mountains, but let me give you the strength to carry
6 billion people on the face of earth.. You're the only I wanna marry.

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