Sunday, April 15, 2012



April 2012 marks one of the most melancholic times I've felt in years. A personal battle that she and I have had to face for quite some times now.

And as if that isn't gut wrenching enough, I have to part ways with persons I cared about. Colleagues-turn-Kakak, who have been with me through my gelak-crazy-happy days and through some of my darkest moments. Sisters I never have.

Kak Ida.. I ran out of words to say. Where do I start. A loyal listener to an ever-whining Me. One who would never shy away to put me in my place if I were to run out of line. The permanent victim for my who-shall-I-pick-on-today routines. A friend more than she is a colleague. And MOST importantly a sister. A sister I never have.

God knows how painful this parting is. I might be overreacting with this for people say this isn't a final parting - one but a mere geographical switch more than anything. And that's where they are wrong. Geographical change brings about different weathers, different we-

OK. That's it. Why did I even bother.

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