Wednesday, August 08, 2012

The Drafts - 31st Dec 2007

I've wanted to revisit this project for quite some times now. Project Drafts. "The ones posts that I either dare not publish or I somehow lose the appetite to publish". "Great source of inspiration".

Like most people who are fascinated by time-lapse video shots. I too am fascinated by progression, via time. Mine is executed albeit a bit more linearly than most of your likings. But a progression nonetheless. Although the Blog is more than enough time-lapse, the drafts are more or less the behind the curtains and/or the edited scenes of which, the director deem unfit for the larger audience. Although, it should be mentioned that these edited scenes, these spur of the moments, are probably his greatest masterpiece. An innocence he lost while trying to supplicate and please the masses. The type of brutal honesty and flare he lost while trying to be politically correct.

Some people call it growing up.

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