Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Artsy :)

Kak As actually sprung this idea out of my mind. Call it narcissism, I value my thoughts dearly. Perhaps it was the fact that I could actually pull a few surprises even to myself with what I had to say sometimes (or perhaps that depression actually brings out the best in me ?). Therefore my thoughts, my rhymes and simple poetries I wrote along the way - on top of someone's table, tissues - whatever - I try my best to hold on to them.

Then come my sketches, I value them in equal measures as well, albeit they were a bit more less unfortunate for I don't really have the means to hold to them and perhaps a little undervalued because they're well - Sketches.

So thanks Kak As for this (and for that matter, Pinterest) for the means to hold on to my sketches. And don't get your panties up in a wad yet, these art pieces are worth more than Mona Lisa herself - in Parallel Universe somewhere, of course.

They're not pretty but like the little pieces of my thoughts, I would like to hold on to them not for them and neither for you but for the me of tomorrows. All I'm saying is if you like them - by all means come out and puji the hell out of me. Kalau tak, we can both act like we didn't see anything! :P

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