Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Baju Melayu

The moment I finished shopping dekat Jalan Masjid India, I was determined I would definitely up this entry. So before I forgot..

I was befuddled at the price I was looking at for Baju Melayu in the vicinity of Wisma Yakin. I thought they were gonna be cheaper or at least at par with what Puchong had to offer (in the region of 100 bucks/ pair) - albeit with abundance of choice.

Buoyyyyyyyy was I clueless. Wisma Yakin is definitely a cut-throat place to go to buy your Baju Melayu needs, especially on the Eve of Aidilfitri. I half suspected they bloated the prices during this time. It only make sense, the demand was up by at least a thousand-fold, and nobody's gonna buy Baju Melayu or Baju Kurung every month. So why not squeeze out the entire year's fortune now. Well, that's a theory I should prove later.

The purpose of this entry is that so I won't forget how much expenditure was involved in getting Baju Raya every year. So that I'll have some benchmark of how much should I pay for the upcoming years. Don't get me wrong I wouldn't mind paying a little higher than usual for quality but then again, I hate paying over the odds.

And to the sighing relief of mine, mine's quality as far as comfort goes. Its just the colours that I pick though. I have this slight weakness for dark colours. I picked it out regardless of realizing that how much purple there is on the canvas. I thought what the fuck, the year before was pure purple. This one ada pin-stripes. So what the heck la kan. And balik, I realized that Hafiz and Ayah had 2 identical colours, both of which I totally forgot to put into equation when making that smart-ass decision. But then again, what the heck, aku rasa lawa.

One issue tho (well, aside from the striking similarity of course) - the samping / sampen (somebody please shed me some light about this please) - The samping, I have vowed on my mother's cat's grave that I wouldn't go for that kind of material which I have given up upon a couple years back - due to the impossibility of ironing it. And the price, my sweet God - RM 145. Gila. But the colours, the colours just match my Baju Melayu. And again, I rammed down all vows, promises and silent revenge vouches I've made with myself through the loneliness of the nights years before.

All in all, I was surprised at myself for I have never been one to spend so much on Baju Melayu. To think that a few years before I personally requested Mak to only give me the top half of the Baju Melayu, for I know that the seluar is gonna be wasted. I won't wear it again after the first day of Raya. I know it.

What a difference a few years had made. But then again spending close to 300 bucks for Baju Melayu had never been me and I don't think it probably should. Perhaps, perhaps if I hadn't be so desperate since that was the last weekend before Raya (the disadvantage of having Raya on weekends!) and if not for keluar dengan Zul dengan Hadi at 4.30 pm on a Saturday evening (and Zul has been bugging to get back for bukak puasa dekat rumah. !@#$%^&*) - I maybe wouldn't have spent that much money.

But then again, the colours and the price aside - the quality is justified. Perhaps I might just come back again next year :P

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