Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Talking To Myself

Me: God I hate working out. 

This is the exact fear that I had before restarting with this high intensity training. I know that the first few weeks I will be doing fine and it will all look up and maybe I will even entertain the thoughts of me being consistent with a workout regime. 

Three weeks into the (basically) new fitness regime. 

The same thing. This familiar, dreadful feeling. 

First I put it off, dari lepas balik office ke lepas maghrib. Now its 9.13 PM and I still haven't started anything yet. 

I hate it I hate I hate it.

Fakhrol Yang Positif : OK, as a bonus. I'll let you edit this post when you're done with the workout. 

Me: Why would I want that ? Pfft

Edit: Whoever the fuck said that its gonna get easier with every workout is a damn fucking liar. I did it. 20 minutes of hellish hell. If people see me they're going to think that my shirt was soaked in sweat when its actually made of 95.6% unadulterated tears. - MFA

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