Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Lions Might Sleep Tonite But I Might Not

I've always been fascinated by Africa and its wilderness. Its animals, lions mostly just send me with shrills like a school girl watching some K Pop tards in person. I have always been wondering about the safari packages available. Tho I've never really thoroughly researched it. Guilty. Mostly because the fund simply isn't there yet.

But African deserts, like Paris are two destination one day I wish to visit.

Pix taken without owner's consent from BBM group FB. Hope he's OK with it. Well. If  he finds out. If. Ever.

And tell me if you don't get excited to be living and sleeping in a place like this where a mere flip of  the straw flooring might bring about endless and endless possibilities. I'm so giddy by the thought I feel like I can berak next week's shit right now.

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