Thursday, August 18, 2016

Narcisus Snobbe

My name is Narcis, my middle name Snobbish
I'm prickly I'm scheming and I'm also a little selfish

You don't have to be subtle about your dislike for me, I ain't slow
Thats up to you but if I don't like you you sure as hell would know

lol OK I lied if I don't like you you won't see coming until the very end
You'll only know it when you check the count of your Facebook friends

If I have 2 bullets and left in a room with a killer a rapist and you
No brainer! I would shoot you twice before you could count to two

To know me makes you unfortunate but to mess with me was a crime
Sit there & repent while you collapse your lung one breath at a time

p/s: What a name would Narcicus Snobbe would have made! lol

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