Friday, September 02, 2016

To The Ones Who Actually Matter

Its one of those days. 

When everything inside you is made of sweet, marshmellowy stuffs. 

I mean I could write a poem to immortalize the zenith-like feelings I have for them and write it in such a way that would have you thinking that ours is a summer breezed, Versailles-like garden of a tale. So grandeur an affair.

But I would be lying.

Because truth of the matter is its not. No, even that would be a gross understatement simply because families irk you 99% of the time! Nod your head and smile if you agree. 

I know. 

They're assholes, manipulative and selfish !@#$%^%^*!

But  in spite of all the pain they inflicted so kindly on your ass, despite those MINOR flaws, you love them anyways. You love them so fiercely that if you were to mess with my brother you gotta be prepared to have me as an enemy. And if you would have the misfortune of messing with my sister, oh well, she would have probably gotten your nose broken at this point anyways and would have your rib cages shattered for good measure.

Mess with my parents. Then its you and I.

The very point that I'm trying to deliver home through this mess of unintelligible ramblings is that I love you guys. Through thick. Through thins. Through hardships. Through eases. Through the rains and through the scorching sun. I love you guys.

You fucking rock! 

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