Monday, January 06, 2014

I Refuse To Sink

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Another home defeat for United. This time to Swansea. This is getting painful to watch. And tomorrow's Monday and its werk after a week off. How. Why. How the fuck do I start. I don't even know.

Edit:: 3.02 a.m on the clock. Still trying to make sense of this loss.

Some sections of United fans have been slating Moyes from the start of the season. What do I care, those plastics! For me, if you're gonna claim to be a die-hard, shamelessly grinning when the days were bright, you gotta learn to weather the storm too. If you're gonna start getting your panties up in a bunch when things don't go your way. Then you're unfit to call yourself a die-hard. Save that for fair weathers.

Problem is, I think even some of the loyal ones are starting to ask if Moyes is the right man for the job.

Your guess is as good as mine.

But my hunch, rather than certainty tells me he is. United fans have over the years grown spoiled, winning silverwares after another. They've grown to set unrealistic benchmark for their team. All due to the miracle in the form of one Alex Ferguson. Lets face it, he won the league with the likes of Cleverley, Anderson and Carrick as a central midfield line-up, a line-up that is mediocre at best. That's a tall order to ask from any manager, let alone somebody new. That's just Sir Alex for you. A man with the Midas Touch.


He took well over 26 years to come to that level. Moyes hasn't even been in charge one season. He inherited, barring the likes of Persie and Rooney, a mediocre team at best. They may be Champions but I bet Pellegrini or Arsene Wenger would bleed their temples, scratching their heads having to field this team week in week out. That's just the magic that Sir Alex was.

I digressed.

Moyes, given the time, I believe will bring the much celebrated stability that United boasts over the years. But time is a luxury that most modern day managers and owners cannot afford. He will get it right eventually. Time, time, time is of the essence and I cannot cannot stress this enough.

I'm willing to go as far as to give him 3 trophy-less seasons, though hopeful of Champions League qualifications. Sit back, its going to be a really bumpy ride but I believe faith will take us far and reward us handsomely.

But till that time come, I'm still grievin. ={

Cut me up and I still bleed Red.

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