Monday, August 12, 2013

Paris, The Dream

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Here's one good reason why I thought Paris is such a dreamy place..

Nothing good comes out of staying up past the normal hours. I heard Ted told his kids in How I Met Your Mother.

So here's a list of crazy things, well they are not necessarily crazy per se, just the impulsiveness of the thoughts, they make me think of well doing it right away. So here's a list of crazy things I thought I should do right away while forcing my eyelids not to shut. (I am EXHAUSTED yet I refuse to sleep for I am stingy with my times. Esp. late at night)

Say, withdraw whatever amount of money I have right now in my saving anywhere, Tabung Haji, Maybank whatever, and just go to England and hit any match, I mean any match that is currently being held in the Old Trafford. And I would ask / force / threaten Kurik to come and watch United with me regardless of how disgusted he is with United.


Just draw as much money as I can get and just backpack to Paris. Put on some winter coats and a scarf (the fashionable manly ones!) around my neck. A pair of cheap sunglasses to go then play tourist around the city and find hidden angles around the city that I can view THE Eiffel Tower from and shamelessly snap loads and loads of selfies that is backdropped by the majesty of the tower. The romance.


That I should quit my job right away and become a very successful miniature Star Wars figurine trader. I know how people love these stuffs. What I dunno and what I carefully chose not to know is how hard it is to make them or where will I get 'em. Fuck it. Not stopping me from dreaming anyways.

And really I really really need to sleep right now.


iNsOmNiAc said...

Hello :)
I juz got 3 things to say:
1) Sleep is sooo overrated :p
2) Paris is do-able waaay cheaper than u thot
3) Somehow I've forgotten how much I enjoyed reading ur blog - thanx for reminding :D

Raizzèn said...

Hey babeee! Been a while. How've you been ?

So here's 3 of mine;

1. No objection here.
2. Really ? Like really really ? Then you and I are gonna have a longggg talk, young lady! :P
3. The feeling's mutual. I miss the darkness that is your blog. Whr it'd go ?